Service & Maintenance

ATS is dedicated to taking care of our customers. Whether your need is pre-scheduled maintenance, or an emergency call-out for repair, we offer 24-hour service, 7 days a week.

Cut-Over Coordination: During a move or equipment migration, ATS’s experienced personnel can help you minimize downtime and user disruption. ATS takes the frustration out of moves of any size or scope. If you’re planning a move, especially on a tight schedule, ATS can help you achieve a seamless transition by assisting in the planning and coordination of the change activity.

On-Site Services: ATS has the resources to provide on-site technicians dedicated to fulfilling the individual needs of each of our customers. ATS can supply your company with technicians that possess the appropriate skills and the required certifications to fit all your service needs. ATS can customize a service program to fit your company’s needs. The technicians are available at an hourly rate based on their certifications and skill sets. ATS provides special discounted rates for half day, full day, weekly, monthly, or on a project basis.