Facilities Maintenance



Our Service Technicians are highly trained and have 30+ years of experience working in a variety of environments from schools to manufacturing plants to government facilities and more. Our skilled professionals can assess your facility, determine where the deficiencies are and implement a preventative and comprehensive maintenance and service plan to help keep your operations running efficiently and smoothly.

Providing that successful preventive maintenance program can reduce and avoid critical disruptions within your facility and avoid costly repairs or down-time due to broken equipment.

Comprehensive Maintenance Services

Listed below is a list of the maintenance services we provide:

  • Star-up and Testing                           
  • Yearly Maintenance                           
  • Systems upgrades and expansions    
  • General electrical maintenance        
  • Network services – Low voltage        
  • Design, engineering, and estimating
  • Troubleshooting & diagnostics services
  • Lighting Retrofit
  • Set up and testing
  • Load monitoring
  • Generator Installations
  • Process control

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