Fire Extinguishers


Certified Provider

Applied Technical Systems (ATS) is your qualified and certified Solution Provider for all your fire extinguisher needs. Whether you are looking to purchase a fire extinguisher or schedule maintenance, our trained and certified professionals can repair any type of fire suppression equipment and ensure that you are up to code.

All Fire Extinguishers are required to be inspected by a Licensed Fire Protection Professional on an annual 6-year and 12-year basis as well as every time the extinguisher is discharged to ensure that your equipment is functional and is compliance with the Fire Code Regulations.   Our team is ready to provide the testing and maintenance to ensure your company is meeting state and local requirements, the insurance requirements and the assurance that your staff and property are protected.   Our professionals can provide monthly inspections, annual maintenance, certifications, hydrostatic testing and internal maintenance.

When was your last Fire Extinguisher & Suppression Systems Inspection?
Give us a call 800-456-9657 to schedule a Compliance Inspection.

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