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Access Control is a critical integral component of on-site physical security. Restricting access to your premises is the first line of defense with any security system.

Access Control give you the ability to control who accesses your building, property, or restricted areas only available to individuals deemed to enter. Using a key card or a key fob system, electronic access gives your organization the ability to assign personnel access to specific areas during specific times.

Applied Technical Systems, Inc. can create a personalized system that will cover all of the points of entry within your facility.

Below are some key benefits an access control system can provide:

  • Restricts access to who comes and goes within your facility
  • Discretionary, mandatory, and role-based access control for employees and vendors
  • Secure your facility from anywhere, anytime
  • Ability to audit or trace individual access
  • Eliminates physical keys

Intrusion Alarm & Perimeter Detection

ATS offers state-of-the-art intrusion and alarm verification systems.

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